DISCLAIMER: I am not an epidemiologist. This visualization was created with the intent of being a tutorial for newbie coders using publicly available data. For accurate, up to date visualizations of COVID-19 I suggest visiting the CDC or Johns Hopkins. If you visualize COVID-19 data yourself I suggest you keep it private or share it with a disclaimer clearly stating your intentions.


data <- time_series_19_covid_combined
data <- data %>% rename("Country" = "Country/Region", "Province" = "Province/State") %>% filter(Country != "China")

### For this project we are using datasets/covid-19 for an up to date, real world example!

plot <- ggplot(subset(data, Confirmed > 1000),
               aes(x = Date, y = Confirmed, color = Country)) +
          geom_line() +
          theme_bw() +
          labs(title = "COVID-19 Confirmed Case Progression", subtitle ="Data from datasets/covid-19", caption = "Not including China. Only showing countries with more than 1000 cases.")

plot +
  geom_point() +

COVID graph